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Have you seen your credit report lately?

This brief guide is intended to help you select an online company or service that will either present you with a copy of your current credit report or provide you constant online access to your report so that you may view it and monitor it as often as you wish.

There are many good reasons to get your credit report. Maybe you have a resolution to clean up your finances, prepare for a big purchase, or you simply want to protect yourself against fraudulent activity, understanding your report and your history can help you build a financial strategy for the future. Doing a little planning now can help build your financial foundation for years to come.

How do I get a copy of my credit report?

You can get a single copy of your report by contacting one of the three reporting bureaus — Equifax, TransUnion and Experian — to get their version of your history and your score. You can also contact one of the consumer credit services listed below that will provide you with a single copy of one reporting bureau's report.

However, because each reporting bureau develops and maintains their own records, it is best to check all three by looking at a merged report that contains all three agencies reports. These consumer credit services below also offer plans where you can receive continuous access to your report online, which will help you if you encounter inaccuracies, mistakes, fraud or other items you wish to correct.

Quick links to popular services:

Mistakes on your credit report?
Lexington Law or Ovation Law are popular services that will work with you in correcting and removing items from your personal report.

You can build a good credit history, but it takes time. If you borrow money or use a credit or department store card and make regular monthly payments, your report will get better as long as you don't have a lot of debt. But missing just a couple of payments will really set you back. Be sure to sign up for automatic payments if you can so that you aren't ever late on a payment. If you keep at it, you can build your credit history back up.

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What elements are in a credit score?

A credit score is a numercial picture of a consumer’s credit situation and history. This number helps give potential lenders, landlords, and employers an idea of the applicant’s credit worthiness. Scores are reported as a number, usually in the 300 to 900 range. The higher the number, the better the score.

There are five broad areas that lend to this calculation:
1. payment history
2. outstanding debt
3. credit history
4. pursuit of new credit
5. type of credit in use

Some elements are given more weight than others, but the overall picture is used to measure a credit score.

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